Starting a blog and picking a name?

Obviously Code and Functions
but also because it sounds a lot like Code Funk.


  • Funk: a state of fear or panic!
  • Defunkitated: strange, weird, messed up, or different in an odd way.

But Funky can also mean hip, cool: like Toe Jam and Earl.

Toe Jam and Earl

With a name like Toe Jam, it probably couldn’t get any worse; so these unfortunate heroes turn on the Funk and use it to their advantage…

  • "Here come's the Funk"
  • "Cruising in the funky flow"
  • "ToeJam in the Hood, ... ha... Damn I good"
  • "We've been called by the great Funk-a-potamus to do something important for the universe!"

So not wanting to disappoint the “Great Func-a-Potamus”, I’m going to my try to get my Func on, by practising some special “Func-Foo”.

Do I Func-ify or just Funk?

Starting a blog

I’ve debated this idea for quite a while, so when eternaloptimist and Spacerat on MyBroadband forum asked:

  • “why don’t you blog this?”
  • “you should actually be posting these to CodeProject…”

I couldn’t think of a good reason why not; So I started exploring my options for a blog, halfmoonforever suggested I look at a free site;

…but that’s a road I know. 😞

So being a programmer I looked for a programming solution: one that would allow full customisation without sacrificing size and performance:


As for the Functional Programming articles; I will be continuing that exploration here; but with a tie back to MyBroadband for discussion – for now there are no plans to set up discussions on the site.

Happy reading.